Raise a Glass: Trendy Lime on Euro-Tour

Take a sip in Barcelona, Vienna, or Berlin!

Trendy Lime in Barcelona
Nothing represents chic European sophistication like a glass of fine wine. Rub shoulders with the Trendy Lime elite at an exclusive wine-tasting event in Vienna or fun and fabulous happy hour events in Barcelona or Berlin. Or, if you’re a traveller, hop on a jet and hit all three!
We’ll be at the centrally-located club Ura at Diagonal in the trendy and always colorful city of Barcelona on April 20, partying in sexy and vibrant Berlin on April 23, and enjoying the romantic old-world charm of beautiful Vienna at our upscale wine-tasting on April 25. Don’t miss the opportunity to network with Europe’s most fashionable jetsetters.

Trendy Lime Takes on Chicago

In other Trendy Lime news, our fearless founder Liana Burtsava is heading to Chicago on April 28 for the prestigious Event Marketing Summit 2012 Conference. Liana will be presenting at the conference as well as meeting with largest international experiential marketing agencies and exchanging ideas. As anyone who has ever attended one of our events already knows, Trendy Lime rocks when it comes to experiential marketing, but Liana will make new connections that will keep Trendy Lime at the top of the social scenes in cities like San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles, Barcelona, and Vienna and help us take on our new target, New York City. After all, if we can make it there, we’ll make it anywhere!
Raise a Glass: Trendy Lime on Euro-Tour

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