JETLAG: Take Celebrity Packed Flight. Literally

Take Celebrity Packed Flight. Literally Dear trendy people of San Francisco & Bay Area, TrendyLime is giving you the chance to take flight — literally!

As part of our fabulous JETLAG soiree, we’ll be raffling off an exclusive private flying lesson with Captain Michal Flint. This is your chance experience a rush of flying high as you soar above San Francisco.

If you don’t want to handle the plane yourself, we’ll also be raffling off a private flight over San Francisco Bay, complete with champagne and fiesta! Make sure you get your raffle tickets ($5) when you pass through the velvet rope on your way into the JETLAG event.

For those of you staying on the ground, JETLAG’s anniversary party promises to be a celebrity-packed flight! San Francisco’s most influential people and other celebrities from around the world flock to JETLAG to rub shoulders and touch base with other successful and chic people.

Here’s what some of our high-profile supporters have to say about JETLAG: Renee Blodgett – Founder of We Blog The World & Magic Sauce Media

JETLAG is a unique idea that brings together the creative world through fashion and photography with the technology builders of today. This compelling concept has turned into an event where a portion of the proceeds go to empowering girls and women to make an impact in their communities around the world. What’s not to love? Meliza Solan – Anchor Vator News, Founder of JustBumped “Every time I attend a Jetlag event, I network with a variety of trendsetters from around the world. This is not just a fun event but an authentic scene where creativity comes alive! I’m thrilled to be part of Trendy Lime to connect with other leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, and jetsetters who are making a difference in our community….and who know how to have fun!”

Brianna Haag – EventBrite, Women of the Year 2012 LLS Campaign “Trendy Lime has been a client of Eventbrite’s for quite some time and while I love that JETLAG brings together San Francisco trend-setters and world travelers, I especially love events that support great causes like” Joanna Riley Weidenmiller – Founder of One Page Company and 360 Fashion Network I believe that everyone in the world, no matter education or nationality has a great idea which can make this world a better place -and education and opportunity are the way to developing those ideas. I meet smarter people all of the world that have educated me in so much and it is wonderful to give back, even just a little bit. JETLAG by Trendy Lime brings together world travelers that thrive on learning, exploring and making this world great it is wonderful to be part of it.”

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