10 Reasons to be at JETLAG 2nd Anniversary on June 14

10 Reasons Why You Need to Be at JETLAG’ trendiest flight of the year! 1. Party hard! You’re an ultra-trendy, fashion-forward jetsetter. The perpetual life of the party. Missing the biggest event of the year would be like forgetting to celebrate your own birthday. 2. Network. There is no better place to be social. Connect with other influential, astute professionals. JETLAG is a great place to make new friends and meet potential business partners. 3. Do some good. Who doesn’t like to support a good cause? Jetlag’s 2nd anniversary party doubles as a fundraiser for the Care.org Help Her Learn campaign. 4. Enjoy the venue. JETLAG a good excuse to visit the glamorous Redwood Room in the Clift Hotel, one of San Francisco’s most cherished landmarks. Imagine how chic you’ll look seated in a piece of the Redwood’s Starck designer furniture. 5. Hit the dance floor! Music will be provided by the fabulous DJ Nader. It’s a lot more fun than a cardio workout at the gym. 6. Show off your chic style. JETLAG is your chance to wear your trendiest frock or most exquisitely tailored jacket. It is the place to see and show off haute fashion. In addition to the guest list’s savvy fashionistas, you’ll experience a red carpet fashion show by Moscow’s Vasily Vein. 7. Learn to jetset. Make some contacts. Do you want social networking that goes beyond mere mingling? Get ready for the Jetsetter Extraordinaire Panel with the brilliant Teresa Rodriguez. 8. Strike a pose! Snapfiesta will be on hand to document the event and showcase our guests looking their very best. 9. Jetset at home in San Francisco! Our guests come from exotic locations throughout the world. If you don’t already have a reason to visit Sao Paulo, Barcelona, Moscow, or New York, this is the party to make new international friends. 10. Treat yourself! Simply and most importantly — you work hard –so you deserve to party hard. This one’s for you.

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