JETLAG 2nd Anniversary A High Flying Success


JETLAG 2nd Anniversary
The JETLAG 2nd Anniversary party on June 14 was another hugely successfully social networking event for Trendy Lime! San Francisco’s most chic and fashionable people came out to see and be seen, network, dance, and help support a good cause. This was one of our most successful events yet, and testament that the JETLAG scene is only growing stronger! JETLAG 2nd Anniversary

JETLAG 2nd Anniversary - FUNdRAISER

Our 500 glamorous guests had a fabulous time watching the red carpet fashion show from Vasily Vein, dancing to trendy DJ tunes, and basking in the glow of JETLAG. Thanks to all of you, we raised funds and awareness for’s Help Her Learn campaign, which will send girls in developing countries to school. Big congrats also go out to Tina Hui and Jason Martineau, who won the private flying lessons and flight over San Francisco Bay packages from Captain Michael Flint. JETLAG 2nd Anniversary


As always, we have to thank our fantastic media partners and sponsors — we really couldn’t do it without you. Thursday night marked the second anniversary of JETLAG and, if we may say so, the party’s just getting started! JETLAG will continue to grow and take on new cities to bring fashionable trend-setters and young business people together in a uniquely chic social networking setting. BIG THANKS go to We Blog The World, Laura Iriarte, Drink Entrepreneurs, Bay Fashion Magazine, SnapFiesta, Lorna Li.

If you’re interested in stepping up your status in the JETLAG scene, we’re always looking for volunteers to help the Trendy Lime team with future events. JETLAG 2nd Anniversary
Do you want to relive the fun of Thursday night?
Check out our fab JETLAG photos here.

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